Healthy and Happy Employees are Engaged, Productive and Present

Support the emotional health and wellbeing of your team

Emotional intelligence in the work place

Intelligence, vocational skill and years of experience are not everything.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) enables people to identify, use, understand, and manage their emotions in an effective and positive way.

At work, a high EQ assists individuals to communicate better, reduce their anxiety and stress, minimise conflict situations and diffuse them when they arise, improve relationships, empathise with others, and effectively overcome challenges.

Employee Health and Wellbeing Workshops

Assist your team to understand how their mind works and how to control and react to difficult situations with confidence and personal power

Our group trainings and one on one programs will

  • Increase productivity in the workplace
  • Decrease staff absenteeism
  • Help employees better focus on their work
  • Help employees change the way they feel
  • Teach them how to release stress quickly and easily
  • Empower staff with tools to deal with difficult people and situations elegantly

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After working with Janine my energy for my business improved so dramatically I engaged her to work with my employees too

I went to Janine because I was feeling stuck and lacking in focus in my business. I was doubting myself, I had fear around working with new clients, and just not enjoying myself.

Working with Janine I was surprised at the depth of emotion and stress that I was holding on to from a recent life events, and she expertly guided me through a processes and taught me techniques so that I could heal and find empowering perspective.

I hadn’t realised how much this stuck emotion was showing up everywhere in my life, especially in my energy for the business.

I now feel so much lighter, clearer, brighter, focussed and inspired again.

My employees got great value out of the sessions, and learned how to handle their emotions and stress.

Thank you so much Janine.

Bev Tinker - Central Coast, Australia

Owner and Director of Finance, Restaurant Profits

I feel so full of possibility again. Like I’ve returned to my natural state. I’m inspired to share my greatest gift and purpose in this world which is my art and my creativity.

Since the session, my current business partnership has become harmonious, accepting and generous of spirit. I stop and relate to where people are coming from, acknowledge their own experience, and work with them from that place, rather than feeling they are out to get me or screw me over.

The way I respond to potential business calls is different. I’m not suspicious of the others’ motives anymore, which means I am open to possibilities of partnerships going somewhere!!! I literally step in to the conversation … “I’m here, what do you need and what can we do together?”. One of my inventions is now in the process of being taken up by a major supermarket chain here in the Netherlands. Im out there planting my creativity and loving it. So much possibility has opened up.


The whole thing came together. Everything started landing.

Why Janine?
Janine, was like a beacon there showing me I was on the right track.

A beacon doesn’t push you in any particular direction, it just gives you some light to see what you need, how to rely on your own strength and to discover your own right direction.

Janine has this amazing presence, that is both neutral and sensitive. She does not judge at all.


The week after working with Janine,  I noticed my heart rate had dropped by about 10, and had been hovering around 60, instead of 70. Five months later as I share this update, I have not seen my heart rate go above 75, and it continues to hover around the 60 mark.


Wouter - Amsterdam

Designer and Inventor

These insights have truly changed the way I live

The coaching process was thought provoking, beautiful, and delivered with sensitivity, skill and wisdom by Janine.  I received several remarkable insights into myself and my life at a time when I thought I knew myself very well.  These insights have truly changed the way I live in a subtle and very positive way.  I would recommed this program to anyone prepared to take a small amount of time to listen to themselves, learn about themselves, feel gratitude and happily accept themselves for who they are.  Thank you Janine.

Michele Durbin - Tasmania, Australia

Accounting and Business Director, Finite Elements - Advanced Engineering and Simulation

I was burned out and wanting my inspiration back for my photography business

When I first meet Janine I wanted to work on getting my photographic business up and running again after moving from Queensland to Victoria.  I felt I was burnt out and had no energy to put into anything and needed inspiration and focus. I started taking photos again after the first session (I hadn’t taken a photo for the fun of it in months).  I also realised I wanted to start running workshops and even coach people with their cameras one-on-one!  After about three coaching session with Janine I felt I was on the right track.  I was able to see my blocks and within a few sessions around feeling comfortable with charging money and valuing my own time and energy, and was able to move forward to get things flowing again.  It gave me focus and understanding on where I wanted to head.
Sue Wellwood

Director, Wellwood Photographics - Melbourne, Australia