End the Cycle of Insecurity, Chronic Dissatisfaction and Relationship Disappointment

With the Single Most Powerful Catalyst for Positive Change in Life & Love

I’m going to tell you something radical.

Something you won’t believe at first, but if you embrace it, will be the single most important event in your life.

I can say this with complete confidence, because when I had this realization, everything in my life changed.

I stopped obsessing about how I looked and whether I was attractive or good enough. My whole body shape changed.

I stopped feeling anxiety every day.  I began to take on new challenges without being so overcome by fear.

I started to feel genuinely worthy of quality attention.  That I was attractive, and ‘why wouldn’t men find me attractive and engaging?’.

Men became these wonderful creatures to connect with, enjoy attraction and flirtation with, and to be in loving sexy relationship with.

It was the catalyst that has fueled a massive transformation in my self value and experience in the world.

And until I learned it, it was the hidden cause of most of my relationship discontent, weight issues and general sense of fear and loneliness.

What is this magical thing that changed it all for me?

I learned HOW to stop feeling insecure, and to feel LOVED, safe and SECURE inside of me.

Would you like to stop ….

  • Wondering why you have no luck attracting a relationship or screwing it up when you find one
  • Feeling insecure, deeply unworthy, and like you’re just not enough
  • Being accused of being needy and wanting too much closeness or intimacy
  • Feeling invisible, kept at arms length and let down by the people you are dating or in relationship witih
  • Giving too much of yourself, and feeling used by your date or your partner.
  • Feeling judged, criticised, or not enough in the eyes of others, especially your partner
  • Wondering why dates don’t follow up with you or leave you hanging for days on end
  • Feeling you should be someone different or that there’s something wrong with you
  • Putting yourself last and feeling powerless to get your needs met
  • Talking to yourself in such negative, critical and degrading ways
  • Feeling confused, unsatisfied and disillusioned about finding love
  • Feeling lonely
  • Feeling disillusioned with dating 
  • Inhaling more self help books, workshops, coaching, webinars, seeing endless practioners and applying more tools and practices yet still feeing lost and hopeless about it all.

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What you need is ….

  • Learn how you are actually, very successfully generating your insecure attachment experience, very uniquely, through how you think, feel, and perceive your past, present and future world, and how you can begin to produce what you really want.
  • Learn about the power of attachment theory, your own anxious attachment style, and more impotantly …

  • Find peace and empowering perspectives as you transform uncomfortable emotions, memories and beliefs deep within that you have not been able to resolve (no matter how much personal growth you’ve done, or therapists and practitioners you have been to).
  • To create a loving, kind and supportive internal world where you know, deep down inside, at the very core of your identity, that you are worthy, that you are safe and you are loved, and that quality loving attention from people you love is natural and normal for you [secure attachment].
  • Become self empowered by learning a set of deeply transformative tools that you can use on your own, time and again, in your daily life, to transform yourself and the way you feel inside, without needing a practitioner.
  • Be guided through a deep and transformative coaching process with total love and acceptance by a caring, and professional practitioner.

I am passionate about supporting such amazingly bright and talented people to connect with their brilliance, their lovability, and their beautiful amazing selves so they can go out in to the world feeling valued, attractive, loveable, full of hope and inspired to create what they desire.

Working with Janine I was surprised at the depth of emotion that was still present and she gently, lovingly and expertly guided me through a process where I could honour the emotion, process it and let it go.

I now feel so much lighter, clearer, brighter, focussed and inspired again. Thank you so much Janine.

Bev Tinker - Central Coast, Australia

Owner and Director of Finance, Restaurant Profits

Going Secure

This Program is for anyone who has ever repelled love through being needy, feeling anxious, insecure or unattractive and who are ready to feel loved safe and secure.

Do you want to ….
  • Know that you are attractive, deeply loved and loveable
  • Know how to show up just being you in the world of dating and communication
  • Transform uncomfortable emotions (such as sadness, anger, fear, guilt and shame)
  • Let go of past regrets, past relationships and confusion surrounding your lack of relationship success
  • To know deep in your core that you are worthy of a wonderful relationship
  • Be inspired and full of hope about your ability to create a loving relationship
  • Create a world inside of yourself that feels caring, supportive and kind, and able to self-soothe
  • Be able to go out and create your life, feeling so loved and secure that you are motivated and inspired and energised
  • Feel at peace and comfortable in your own skin
  • Feel light, attractive, open, and energised
  • Feel loved, safe and secure inside of yourself
  • Enjoy being single, and the fun and flirtatious playground that every day situations become
  • Know yourself and what you want, and from that place …
  • Be inspired and full of possibility as you allow love in to your life

This will not only impact the way you show up in relation to love.  It will show up in all aspects of your life.

What if you felt so much love and acceptance, that life just became a fun playground, full of opportunities to be curious, to play, to love, to create wildly, and to explore?

A turning point in my life

I was immediately drawn to your joyful fun loving nature.  Our session together was so profound, taking me to a depth within myself I’ve never experienced before.  Truly a turning point in my life.  Please, please use me as a reference, you are a brilliant life coach. Gloria Robbins - Oregon, USA

Business Owner

My life will never be the same

Janine, you have such a beautiful, strong compassionate way about you.  Your coaching allowed me to go deep within myself and I know my life will never be the same.  Thank you with all my heart and soul.

Evelyn Dutton - Saskat Chewan, Canada

From feeling like a failure with debilitating social anxiety, to feeling confident, loving towards myself and believing in myself

Working with Janine through her programme, I’ve stopped seeing myself as a failure, as someone with no skills, no future and no hope.  I realise that I was thinking in a negative way and needed to change that. I know I just have to learn a whole bunch of new skills that will come through new positive experiences, which I’m embracing now.  I just applied for a volunteer counsellor role – I would NEVER have done that before the work we did together!

I finally really understand that my present day problems stem from beliefs formed by my past experiences.

I’ve become positive, happier, optimistic, I have self belief and I’ve started going into situations I’ve avoided for years and it’s good.

I’ve  become calmer, less judgemental  and more tolerant of others when they freak out. I understand they’re acting out the  programmes they have  and it’s their problem not mine. I don’t take it personally anymore.

I’ve been so absorbed in working on myself, that I hadn’t even noticed how much improvement had occurred.   I am on the right track doing the right things and it’s all starting to work out.

Janine, I really enjoyed working with you because I found you to be outgoing, easy going, friendly, intelligent, understanding  and supportive.  You’re professional and go the extra mile. Thanks to your wisdom you could see the bigger picture and help me connect the dots. You were encouraging but never too pushy – that would have sent me running for the hills. You are worldly and that enhances your ability to understand, connect and help people. You always seemed to say just the thing I needed to hear to help me change my viewpoint.

You gave me the courage to embrace the challenges and appreciate the little steps of progress I made along the way. You have a positive energy that made me think, ‘that’s how I want to be, so  I’ve gotta stop moping around.’  

I really can say I love myself now.  I could not have said that before we worked together.  Thank you so much. 

Dawn - East Midlands, UK

Working with me you will learn

  • How you are very successfully generating your experience, very uniquely, through how you think, feel, and perceive your past, present and future world, and how you can begin to produce what you really want.
  • How to transform uncomfortable emotions, memories from your past where you learned that you were unsafe and unlovable, and how to reverse the damage caused by both intentional or unintentional childhood trauma
  • The secret psychological reason you’re attracted to certain partners – and how knowing this can transform a “problem” relationship into an opportunity for true personal growth
  • To create a feeling and deep knowing inside of you, that you are loved and loveable
  • That it is normal and natural to receive quality loving attention, affection, presence and connection in intimate loving relationship with
  • A set of deeply transformative tools that you can use on your own, time and again, in your daily life, to transform yourself and the way you feel inside, independent of using a practitioner.

This work has completely transformed my life….

I struggled with relationship for two decades, and after a long and confusing journey, making so much effort to change, I found the clarity and transformation I longed for, it’s with great joy I can share it with you here.

Throughout the years, I’ve met many bright and talented people who have told me that they think something is wrong with them, because they can never find the one, or feel happy and at peace in life and love.

I’ve seen these people go to the ends of the earth and to endless specialists seeking a cure for that gnawing emptiness and loneliness inside.  I was indeed one of them.

They do so many things outside of themselves, they buy the next shiny object, travel, they consult endless practitioners, healers, psychics, and they join crusades. They hop from relationship to relationship, looking for the perfect partner but never being able to find satisfaction in love.

None of the striving and struggle works to fill the emptiness, because that space cannot be filled by acquiring wealth, buying a posession, or getting someone to love us.

That space that gnaws at you can only be filled by one thing – learning to love yourself and going secure.

I sincerely hope that you take a moment today to take care of you and end the cycle of insecurity by committing to start the journey of transformation that’s possible.

I know it will be a turning point in your life, as it was in mine.

With love,


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