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Are you wondering ...

"Will I ever be able to stop feeling so anxious, insecure and confused inside ?

Hi there, I'm Janine.  It is my personal mission to assist as many people as possible to transform their emotional suffering and confusion so they can  start to feel confident, loved, safe and secure.

Janine Beck Coaching |FasterEFT / Tapping specialist for stress relief and emotional health

I understand how hard it can be to feel so insecure and stuck ...

I have lived these uncomfortable and negative feelings myself, and they have brought me to my knees. It sent me on a quest to discover how I could transform my experience so I could actually feel a deep sense of peace inside, instead of just learning more tools and strategies to 'manage' my anxiety forever. 

I couldn't believe that so many of the things I was taught out there, just did't help me to change my experience... only manage it.  

I was blown away when I finally figured out how to help myself.  And now I get to see my clients blossom through this?? ??same work time and time again.  It's very special and I feel honoured to be able to share it with people who really are so ready for something to finally work and to help them feel better.

So, I'd like to offer you my personal help for free to show you how to transform your negative, anxious and insecure feelings. To stop feeling so uncomfortable inside, and create a kind and loving world inside instead. From that place, you can step out in to the inspired and loving life that you dream of. 

Together, in a 1:1 session, we will come up with a clear map of your unique internal stories, imprints and references that are keeping you stuck and feeling so bad, and a create a plan on how you can transform YOUR unique internal experience deeply and peacefully.  

Here's the truth about feeling good about yourself

The reality is, most people aren’t taught how to manage their self-image and their emotions in a healthy way.

Many of the experiences we have at a very early age lead us to feel bad about ourselves, rejected, unloved, and worthless, in the very core of our identity. We fear the rejection of others, and overwhelm ourselves with negative thoughts and feelings inside. This is at the core of what produces the anxious feelings that seem so uncontrollable when they come over you.

The worst part about it is, it seems so hard to change it, even with a lot of work on ourselves like therapy, self help books and workshops, mindfulness or our own common sense. Even if we have learned how to ‘manage’ these emotions, it doesn’t stop them from coming.

It doesn't have to be this way. I want to share with you the simplest way to actually CHANGE how you feel inside, permanently!  It is possible to start feeling peace inside, to being kind to yourself inside, to make peace with all of those negative feelings and memories that keep you feeling bad. In short, to really begin to love yourself inside and out.

You can start to feel kindness and love inside yourself and begin to get the outcome you are craving in just a matter of weeks. Maybe you want to feel confident in social situations? Feel able to express your wants and needs to others? Stop analysing the crap out of everything and doing yourself in with so many negative and critical thoughts? Perhaps you want to trust in life and that possibilities for great love and success are available to you?

I want you to know that it is possible to transform your experience to one of peace and inner security and loveability.

With my love, acceptance and deep listening, you will go through the most respectful and transformative process imaginable, and it will likely not be like anything else you've done before because it's actually deep permanent inner-change.

This is not for everyone

You need to be willing to take radical responsibility for your experience, stop with the old stories, and be committed to challenging some old and long held assumptions about who you are, what is possible for you and how you relate to your world.

However, you also need to be ready for the fact that, changing your experience can actually be incredibly simple and gentle.

That can be quite confronting, when you've spent so long efforting and suffering with your long held negative feelings and experiences.

Your invitation to a FREE 1:1 session with me

Think of this unique opportunity as having your own self love expert to spend an hour with you to listen to you in a way you may never have been really heard before, to hold space with you while we get to the heart of the things that give you so much pain, keep you feeling self critical and unworthy, and most importantly, how to transform it, fall in love with yourself and feel good about yourself and the possibilities in your life again.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

I got my life back – from blocked and depressed to going forth and loving myself and my life

"I have had too many benefits to mention them all. Before participating in the coaching , I was feeling blocked in my job without permanency, a little lost and depressed and in particular, wanting to create a relationship so I could have children. My body clock was ticking. I was amazed at the insights and realisations I had and I could process what came up.

Now I don't feel blocked anymore, I am going to live my life how I want it! Not wait for someone. Just live! Not let my life pass me by waiting for someone to do the things I want to do. I highly recommend anyone to participate in any kind of coaching offered by Janine to better themselves. and feel more love for themselves and their lives."

Tirriki, 38, Tasmania, Australia