Ready to Experience Freedom from Thought?


If you have found my page, you probably already have some knowledge of Access Consciousness, or Access Bars.

Come and have your ‘bars run’ with me and find out what it is like for yourself.  At worst you will feel like you had a relaxing massage, at best, everything could change!

Come to our cosy attic space in De Baarsjes, Amsterdam and receive a session with me.  Just book in a time below.

One hour sessions are €75 + BTW

One and a half hour sessions are €110 + BTW.

This includes time for a cup of tea and a small snack as you ‘re-enter’ after the session.

If you would like to talk to me, you can contact me on +31 642 772583.

With love, Janine

Coming into the healing session I didn’t know what to expect. Being a ‘science based’ person I was quite skeptical. However, after the calming, one hour session with Janine, I immediately felt a clear-headedness I didn’t feel in years, even being a meditation practitioner.  A great primer to absorb the following life lessons from Janine. Overall a very insightful experience that I would advise anyone.

Stijn van Willigen

Fitness Business Developer, Amsterdam

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