LIVE INTERVIEW REPLAY:  Learn how to Transform Low Confidence and Insecurity so you can feel Loved, Safe and Secure and Stand in your Power


What you will learn …

  • You are not broken!! Find out how you are successfully producing the way you think, feel and act and how you can change it.
  • The simple way to transform the uncomfortable and unhappy emotions and memories and beliefs that keep you stuck, paralysed and feeling unworthy (hint: it’s not more positive thinking, mindfulness or endless affirmations).
  • How to value YOU at deep inside at your core, so that you stop being so self critical, afraid of being judged by others or rejected, and how to feel kind and loving inside.
  • How to feel peaceful and happy, quickly and easily, no matter how bad you feel.
  • The secret to being able to envision and create an inspiring, loving, happy and successful future for yourself.

01:44 What you will take away today

03:18 Is that you?

05:40 The problem with personal growth and how to address the root of the problem

07:20 What are the possibilities to feel better and step back in your power?

08:30 Janine’s story (you might relate)

17:28 See me cry about my passion for helping other women with this work (Marja caught me out with that reflection!)

20:30 How you create your emotions, beliefs and results in life

24:50 Find out how you are working perfectly and create the results you actually want

25:30 We can change our memories!

26:30 Client Story:  Panic Attacks on the London Underground (gone after one session)


30:23 Exercise – Close Eye:  Discover how your mind works and how to feel happy

36:40 We are nearly always in a trance! Find out how…

38:30 How anxiety and uncomfortable emotions are produced and how to change the feeling

42:40 Tapping / FasterEFT

44:00 Janine’s Birth Story – and how she changed her memory of it and changed her whole identity

48:45 Next steps – how can you make changes?

50:42 How to tap (very brief overview)

51:42 What kind of memories can we work with. Do they have to be big and ugly ones?

53:55 An opportunity to work with Janine and how you will benefit from a free Discovery Session


Why book a Free 1:1 Discovery Session with Me?


I will personally help you…

  • Help you discover your own ‘aha’ as to what is underneath your discomfort and what is blocking you.
  • Gently help you witness the underlying memories and unconscious beliefs very particular to you, and how you can transform the discomfort and begin to take control.
  • Get you to step in to your future, and how you want to think and feel inside yourself so you start to feel happy, light, in control and at peace.
  • Uncover the blocks in the way of creating what you want.
  • Give you your own personalised tools and suggestions to help yourself moving forward in your journey.
  • Begin feeling loveable, worthwhile and secure inside.

From feeling like a failure with debilitating social anxiety, to feeling confident, loving towards myself and believing in myself

Working with Janine through her Love Yourself programme, I’ve stopped seeing myself as a failure, as someone with no skills, no future and no hope.  I realise that I was thinking in a negative way and needed to change that. I know I just have to learn a whole bunch of new skills that will come through new positive experiences, which I’m embracing now.  I just applied for a volunteer counsellor role – I would NEVER have done that before the work we did together!

I finally really understand that my present day problems stem from beliefs formed by my past experiences.

I’ve become positive, happier, optimistic, I have self belief and I’ve started going into situations I’ve avoided for years and it’s good.

I’ve  become calmer, less judgemental  and more tolerant of others when they freak out. I understand they’re acting out the  programmes they have  and it’s their problem not mine. I don’t take it personally anymore.

A monk from my daughter’s old school recently came to visit. Once back home he messaged her  and told her she lived in a happy home. I cried so much. Partly because I was aware of how much progress I’d made letting anyone come to visit, especially a monk and partly because I’ve been so absorbed in working on myself, that I hadn’t even noticed how much improvement had occured.  At that point it really hit me that I am on the right track doing the right things and it’s all starting to work out.

Janine, I really enjoyed working with you because I found you to be outgoing, easy going, friendly, intelligent, understanding  and supportive.  You’re professional and go the extra mile. Thanks to your wisdom you could see the bigger picture and help me connect the dots. You were encouraging but never too pushy – that would have sent me running for the hills. You are worldly and that enhances your ability to understand, connect and help people. You always seemed to say just the thing I needed to hear to help me change my viewpoint. You gave me the courage to embrace the challenges and appreciate the little steps of progress I made along the way. You have a positive energy that made me think, ‘that’s how I want to be, so  I’ve gotta stop moping around.’   I really can say I love myself now.  I could not have said that before we worked together.  Thank you so much. 

Dawn - East Midlands, UK

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