End the cycle of Anxiety, Insecurity and Relationship Disappointment, and prepare to have Happy Healthy Secure Love in your life

I know you may be thinking that there’s something wrong with you because you’re still single, or screwing up yet another relationship, even after all the work you’ve done to find your love.

Dating and relationships just don’t seem to come naturally for you.  They create a lot of angst, confusion and disappointment, and you’re tired, frustrated and disillusioned with finding the right relationship.

And i’m going to go another layer deeper, and have a guess that deep down inside, you feel pretty insecure and unloveable.

I’m Janine Beck, and I’ve had the privilege and joy of working with so many bright, capable, caring, smart and intelligent people – who, like yourself, have created so much in their lives, yet who came to me confused as to why love has been so challenging for them.

And it’s not for a lack of effort.  

So here’s the problem

  • You’ve been through long droughts with no relationship, no sex, and not even any interesting prospects
  • You’ve decided that there’s no quality men or women out there to date and that all the good ones are taken
  • You’re tired of half hearted texting from dates and being left hanging
  • The odd sexual escapade leaves you feeling temporarily sated, but emotionally unfulfilled and sometimes even lonelier
  • You can seldom get enough closeness or intimacy when you are in relationship, and you push them away with your wanting

  • You have no idea how to get your needs met

You’re out of strategies on how to make it work in and out of relationship.

You might even be secretly worrying that real, lasting love will never happen for you.

Yet, somehow you’re reading this because you still have hope.

Well, firstly, I am going to guess that you already have a pretty good idea what your unhelpful patterns are thanks to the work you’ve done.

You know that it’s something about you that’s getting in your own way, from the inside.  That you do have some control over creating love in your life, yet, you still haven’t figured out how.

Maybe you’ve read books, been to workshops, tried different kinds of dating platforms, various practitioners or coaches.  You probably did your homework and your personal practices.

Yet you’re still here, confused and wanting love.

So, now, I’m going to look a little deeper under the layers, and see if any of these feel true for you.

Is it possible that, deep down, you

  • Often feel invisible or unattractive to potential mates
  • Feel nervous and uncomfortable inside when an attractive potential mate even looks your way, let alone flirts with you
  • Wonder why or how anyone would ever really be attracted to you
  • Feel like a loser, unworthy, useless or unwanted
  • That actually it’s easier to shut off the wanting and go it alone in self-protection mode, because needing and wanting love and closeness just ends up hurting too much.

Now, logically, I know you know that you are a pretty good catch, and that the above things aren’t true.

Yet, that’s not how it feels.  No matter how much you challenge your thinking and do the things to change the way you feel.  You still feel this way inside of you.

In a nutshell….

Anxious.  Insecure. Unloveable.  Undesirable. Alone.

If you’ve heard of attachment theory or attachment styles, then this puts you squarely in the ‘insecurely attached’ category, mostly, the ‘anxiously attached’ camp.

These are the experiences, the things, those places inside, your core core inner beliefs and core identity.

The problem is that the other work out there usually has no idea how to address the beliefs inside and the feelings they produce.  

So, instead, they give you strategies on how to cope.  What to do. How to logically think better.

I am going to guess that you might have heard things like:

“You need to love yourself more”.

But you know that all those positive affirmations just don’t work. Or;

“Let go, think differently about your past relationship baggage”, and

“Be the kind of person you would want to have a relationship with”.  

And it’s true.  In order to know that loving secure partner, be able to meet them, attract them in, receive them, and enjoy their attention, you have to be able to feel and know that inside of you first. 

I know it’s an old cliche, and yes, it’s true.

But the question is, HOW???!

If it was that easy you would have done that by now!

If you’re here, you’re probably teetering on the precipice of giving up.

Believe me, I know the struggle because I’ve been there too.

I struggled with relationship for two decades, and after a long and confusing journey, making so much effort to change, I found the clarity and transformation I longed for, it’s with great joy I can share it with you here.

Please know that it is possible to feel the love and care you have dreamed is really possible

I want you to know that you can feel:

  • Attractive, comfortable in your own skin and deeply loved and loveable.
  • That every day life can become a fun and flirtatious playground to connect and engage with people.
  • That it’s natural and normal to be at ease receiving quality attention and loving presence of others.
  • Able to just be yourself, authentic, honest and open without playing games or strategising.
  • Confident to know what you want, and able to actually ask for it.
  • And to actually feel happy and optimistic about finding and keeping love and that it’s a natural journey for you.

What if you felt so much love and acceptance, that life just became a fun playground, full of opportunities to be curious, to play, to love, to create wildly, and to explore?

What is that’s the way to meet the love of your life? The kind of person you really want to share your life with?

This will not only impact the way you show up in relation to love.  It will show up in all aspects of your life.

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This work is not for the feint of heart. 

If you are ready to go deep and transform the world inside of you, everything can change.

And, while it sounds pretty heavy, it’s actually fun and there’s lots of laughter!

What you need is:

  • Learn how you are actually, very successfully generating your insecure attachment experience, very uniquely, through how you think, feel, and perceive your past, present and future world, and how you can begin to produce what you really want.
  • Learn about the power of attachment theory, your own anxious attachment style, and more importantly …
  • Find peace and empowering perspectives as you transform uncomfortable emotions, memories and beliefs deep within that you have not been able to resolve (no matter how much personal growth you’ve done, or therapists and practitioners you have been to).
  • To create a loving, kind and supportive internal world where you know, deep down inside, at the very core of your identity, that you are worthy, that you are safe and you are loved, and that quality loving attention from people you love is natural and normal for you [secure attachment].
  • Become self empowered by learning a set of deeply transformative tools that you can use on your own, time and again, in your daily life, to transform yourself and the way you feel inside, without needing a practitioner.
  • Be guided through a deep and transformative coaching process with total love and acceptance by a caring, and professional practitioner.
  • A set of deeply transformative tools that you can use on your own, time and again, in your daily life, to transform yourself and the way you feel inside, independent of using a practitioner.

I am passionate about supporting such amazingly bright and talented people to connect with their brilliance, their lovability, and their beautiful amazing selves so they can go out in to the world feeling valued, attractive, loveable, full of hope and inspired to create what they desire.

Going Secure

This Program is for anyone who is ready to transform from anxious to secure and attract true love in their life.

I’d paid so much money for therapy and was still anxious and unhappy…. then I found Janine

When I first reached out to Janine I emailed her “help me’ I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I am stuck”.
In our early sessions, I was feeling extremely insecure and anxious. These were some of the things coming out of my mouth:   “Loser.  Fat.  Ugly.  There must be something wrong with me. I’ll never get a man, I’m a failure and a disappointment.”  I was completely bored, undervalued and unfulfilled at work, confident I would never find a man despite a deep yearning for one, and even my passion for my new sport was tempered with a lack of confidence in my capability.
After working with Janine, I was so surprised to see how far I had come when I looked back at the notes of our journey.  I now feel attractive, valuable, safe, secure, loving and warm, authentic and kind (and yes, I still have some vulnerable moments too – I’m human).  I’m noticing men are paying me attention and I’m enjoying it! I’ve created exciting new work opportunities where I’m valuing my offerings and running my own race, and I’m at home with my progress in my sport.  After one of our sessions my blood pressure, went down from 200/40 to 164/40!
I have made peace with where I was and now am looking confidently to the future. 
Janine has a wonderful warm energy. One that you feel completely at ease with and end up telling all your secrets. I feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin.
I am flawed but still loveable.
Thank you Janine I wouldn’t be the person I am now without you.
A happy woman in my early 40's - Sydney

My life will never be the same

Janine, you have such a beautiful, strong compassionate way about you.  Your coaching allowed me to go deep within myself and I know my life will never be the same.  Thank you with all my heart and soul.

Evelyn Dutton - Saskat Chewan, Canada

My work with Janine was profound. Taking me to a depth within myself I’ve never experienced before. Yet the experience also was loving and joyful. A turning point in my life.

Gloria Robbins - Oregon, USA

Business Owner

I am now empowered to stand up for myself and what I want.  It’s amazing how much my relationship has shifted, and I’m creating what I want inside of it.

My relationship with my husband has changed substantially.  By addressing old events I got to see a new way to handle my relationship now.  I am now empowered to stand up for myself and what I want.  It’s amazing how much my relationship has shifted, and I’m creating what I want inside of it.

The work was quite different to anything I had done before, I really got to dig deeper than I had ever dug before around these events and change how I felt about them.

I forgave myself and others and changed my point of view to being grateful and seeing lessons I learnt from the different events rather than coming from a victim place. I also got to see that I make choices every day and these past events now shape how I deal with situations now so in order for me to have a great life now, I have to heal my past and myself.


Anita - Queensland, Australia

From feeling like a failure with debilitating social anxiety, to feeling confident, loving towards myself and believing in myself

I finally really understand that my present day problems stem from beliefs formed by my past experiences.

I really can say I love myself now.  I could not have said that before we worked together.  Thank you so much. 

Dawn - East Midlands, UK

From Panic Attacks – to feeling safe and secure inside. What you get back from Janine is your true self…….

My relationship with my beautiful partner and soul mate, has shown me how insecure I used to be and how I feel the shift inside to feeling secure now. I used to push her to share her feelings, out of care for her, yes, but a lot of it was motivated to allay my own fears that it may have been something to do with me and I might have done something wrong.

After the work with Janine I lost that insecurity. My interactions with people have changed. My self-serving part has been taken out of the equation. I realise, it doesn’t matter if people love or like me a lot, or want to be with me or not. I’m just me! I don’t need to be liked or loved, but when it happens it’s so much more rewarding because I don’t need it anymore!

I realise I’m not crazy and I’m on the right track, and Janine helped me acknowledge it.

Wouter - Amsterdam

Designer and Inventor

The work we did together made a big difference in my life (work, family relationship and money)

I’m so thankful for doing the 3 month program with Janine. We created wonderful shifts around my relationship with my father, and my sense of self worth to name a couple. I came to Janine after having done lots of talk therapy and work on my own, which although helpful, wasn’t enough to take it to the next level. I had a fair amount of awareness but didn’t know what to do in order to take it from the intellectual knowing to actual embodied change. Janine helped me with this. I feel stronger and much more grounded, the work we did together has made such a big difference in many areas of my life. Huge thank you Janine!
E, Amsterdam

Yoga Therapist

This work has completely transformed my life….

I struggled with relationship for two decades, and after a long and confusing journey, making so much effort to change, I found the clarity and transformation I longed for, it’s with great joy I can share it with you here. You can see the love of my life Sjoerd, leaning in to me, loving me, and sharing life with me. I attracted him in to my life as a direct result of my transformational journey from the inside out.

Throughout the years, I’ve met many bright and talented people who have told me that they think something is wrong with them, because they can never find the one, or feel happy and at peace in life and love.

I’ve seen these people go to the ends of the earth and to endless specialists seeking a cure for that gnawing emptiness and loneliness inside.  I was indeed one of them.

They do so many things outside of themselves, they buy the next shiny object, travel, they consult endless practitioners, healers, psychics, and they join crusades. They hop from relationship to relationship, looking for the perfect partner but never being able to find satisfaction in love.

None of the striving and struggle works to fill the emptiness, because that space cannot be filled by acquiring wealth, buying a posession, or getting someone to love us.

That space that gnaws at you can only be filled by one thing – learning to love yourself and going secure.

I sincerely hope that you take a moment today to take care of you and end the cycle of insecurity by committing to start the journey of transformation that’s possible.

I know it will be a turning point in your life, as it was in mine.

With love,


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