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Supporting yourself between sessions and beyond

The best part about tapping is you can do it yourself whenever you want to

After having had an in-depth session with me, you will go back out in to your day to day life.  This work you are doing to make peace with your ‘stuff’ certainly can ‘stir the pot’ in your life.  You may find that in-between sessions you feel on top of the world and full of energy and focus, and/or begin to notice more stuff comes up to be healed.  You may also become more aware of the kinds of beliefs you have and your point of view about the world.

This process will be unique to you, how you process things, the nature of the problems you are wanting to heal and how much you are committed to the process.

I see two ways you can use tapping when out in the world on your own.

‘In the moment’ tapping

For when you experience an intense emotional response to something and you want to make peace with it then and there.

If you aren’t on your own (or around others that know about and encourage the use of this wonderful and empowering tapping tool!), you can excuse yourself momentarily from a situation with others to go to the bathroom or somewhere private to tap, or you can even ‘mentally tap’ by imagining yourself tapping in your mind as you go through the process (like being in a meeting for instance).   You can often alleviate the discomfort in just a few minutes and then resume what you were doing with minor interruption.

See my two tapping videos for instructions on how to do this.

Sessions you conduct with yourself

This is where you would make an appointment with yourself, say for example one hour, to have a structured session on a particular issue that you want to work on.   The following series of questions are known as the ‘Art of Change’ questions and will assist you to really explore a problem area in great depth and allow you to uncover the often surprising beliefs and emotions sitting underneath the presenting problem.  In this situation you would go through the questions, then use the information and process as described in my tapping videos on this page.

The Art of Change Questions

1.    What’s your problem?

2.    How do you know you have this problem?

3.    Has it always been this way? When did it start?

4.    What’s the worst part of having this problem?

5.    Who else do you know that has this problem?

6.    How do you try to escape/avoid your problem?

7.    What would motivate you to change it?

8.    Who will you be if you let it go?

9.    What do you know you need to do?

10.    What is your belief about this problem?

11.    What’s wrong with you?

12.    If it were a person who would it be?

13.    What are you avoiding in your life?

14.    What’s the problem again?

15.    What are the benefits of having this problem?

16.    How will you know when it’s gone? Who will you be? How will you be?

17.    Why are you messed up?

18.    Tell me more about ____________.

19.    What exactly would your life be like without this problem? FP

20.    In trance: When have you felt this feeling before? (First or worst)


This form lets you reflect on your session and what you achieved, what worked and what you think could have worked better.  It gives me important feedback so I can continue to craft your session for maximum benefit for you.

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