About me

Welcome.  I’m glad you are here.

I’m an adventurer because I love to learn and grow

I frame most of my life experiences through the lens of adventure, whether it’s the obvious kind like spending 9 months solo backpacking around South America and swimming with jaguars in the Bolivian rainforest!, or the adventure of trying out a new recipe I found on the internet.  The best adventure of all though is connecting with the people I meet along the way.  I absolutely consider the journeys I take with my clients as adventures, because they have all the elements of a great adventure… the curiosity, the desire to visit places previously unknown and exciting, navigate and overcome personal challenges, the unfolding of the journey, the unexpected discoveries and the connection along the way.  Most of all, adventures in my mind are about getting to know myself better and finding inner resources I didn’t know I had.  So, this is just another way for me to fulfil my love of adventure.

Why do I do this kind of work?

I think you will find most people drawn to this kind of work are here because they had some crap of their own to heal!

I had a lot of ‘stuff’

Well,  I was the youngest by a very long way in a crazy family of three much older siblings and a single strung out Mum, and an absent Dad, and whilst our family was passionate, spontaneous, creative, and full of life (and they did love me), I didn’t get much of a look in!  Not only was my voice in my family non-existent, I felt very not wanted, unvalued, unworthy, and weak and powerless to have an impact on my environment.

I did a lot of ‘growth’ work

Now of course, I’ve done a lot of living, and expressing my own version of me, and done a lot of personal growth processes (I’m a very determined thing!).  I inhaled my first growth seminar at age 27 as it opened me up to a world of realising that I could be responsible in my life, change my story and be loved and accepted in ways I never thought possible.   I learned to love my family and accept what happened regardless.

Taking responsibility for my life what a thing!  So through determination, focus, much willpower and effort, I  have created success for myself in my career (creative problem solving at its core), my finances, and many wonderful relationships, thanks to ‘working on myself’ for many years.  However, I found myself falling in a heap in my late thirties.  Doing anxiety and depression very well.  Actually I had been doing anxiety all my life, but hadn’t realised it.

Outwardly, you would think I was the most bright, happy, got-it-together, well adjusted person.

Yet inside I was falling in a heap and feeling stupid, useless and hopeless.   In fact, that is how I had been feeling INSIDE my WHOLE LIFE.  This growth work was really plastering all of these helpful strategies (‘creating my life’ and ‘writing my empowered story’ and ‘thinking positively’, ‘keeping my word’, ‘setting goals’) over the top of my inner turmoil.  It was actually exhausting.  I also was so accustomed to feeling that way inside, that I wasn’t even aware of it for a long time.

Being surrounded by these positive and ‘no excuses’ community (that I love and am inspired by), made it even worse because I felt I couldn’t really ‘fess up’ to what was going on inside, because they would say ‘well what are you doing that to yourself for?’ and tell me to ‘stop it’ and ‘get on with it’.

Well, my well oiled coping strategies of just getting on with it and putting on a confident, happy, competent front, were wearing me out and not working anymore.

I discovered that my inner world and what I was focussing on, was doing me in

(In fact, very successfully generating my results!).

Yes, even though I knew better and to not listen to those excuses, to calm down, let go, and move through…..  all the conscious positive thinking and hundreds of affirmations didn’t work for me (believe me, I’ve done a lot of that).

I was telling myself so many degrading, negative, and unhelpful things inside my mind in so many situations.  Too much of this or not enough of that…..

Time for an upgrade!

I was quite gob smacked when I discovered FasterEFT.  It actually got to the bottom of things I had been struggling with for so long, so quickly.  It brought together everything I had worked on and learned in my years of seeking.

I went to a free introductory talk and at the end, the facilitator asked the group to ‘go back to a time when you felt completely loved, safe and secure’.

I could not come up with a moment in my whole life where I could honestly feel that way.  GOB SMACKED!

I realised that was a BIG PROBLEM, and probably fundamentally underneath a lot of my anxiety, unworthiness and insecurity.

Working with a practitioner for just a few sessions, I changed the belief and created it in my inner world that I can feel that way.  It was like it brought everything I had previously learned (all the workshops, books, NLP and Hypnotherapy training), and made it work, so fast and so well.  It helped me begin my journey to feel loved, safe, secure, taken care of, and like I matter.  I started cultivating self love and beliefs that supported me out in the world.   Authentically and in a way that lasts.

Yet, my biggest learning came after breaking up with the man I moved across the world with to Amsterdam.  I got to discover (the hard way) what is needed to be able to feel secure, worthy, loveable, and to choose and behave inside relationship accordingly.  This is what I’m most excited about right now, and those of you out there, who have turned in to blithering, insecure, less functional, train wrecks, inside the container of relationship will really benefit from what I do.  This is really important work.

There is hope and so much possibility out there

I want you to know you can have someone in your corner, there is hope, and to ignore the rest of the world telling you to ‘suck it up and get over it… get on with it’.  I care, I understand, and I listen.

I will see your brilliance even when you think that you suck and have failed.

It has never ceased to amaze me how many bright, intelligent and so wonderfully talented and capable people get stuck thanks to their inner mental and emotional world.

I grew up with the natural, wild, beautiful and delicious island of Tasmania, Australia, and I bring that raw connectedness and love to everything I do.

Combined with a corporate world rationality, my innovative problem solving, I have the ability to support you through your most complex and confusing times, help you create peace, connect with your soul, and to discover a creative solution that brings you purpose and happiness.

My life now

When I’m not working, I love swing dancing, blues dancing, travel for dancing, and drinking great coffee!  I’ve also been known to talk passionately about preserving Tasmania’s amazing wilderness for all of us to enjoy for many generations to come.  I go there as much as I can to visit my bestie, my family, and most importantly, my two beautiful nieces and my three handsome nephews.

My pieces of paper

Bachelor of Commerce degree
Clinical Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy
Life Coach Certification
Denise Linn Soul Coach Certification
FasterEFT Practitioner
Master NLP Practitioner

I love creating space for honesty, connection and authenticity.  I’d love a dollar for every time someone has said to me “I’ve never told that to anyone before”.  I think one of the special things about me is my ability to create safe space and to love and accept someone no matter what they say (believe me, I’ve heard it all).

I’d love to meet you.

With much love and adventure


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Working with Janine I was surprised at the depth of emotion that was still present and she gently, lovingly and expertly guided me through a process where I could honour the emotion, process it and let it go.

Thank you so much Janine.

Bev Tinker - Central Coast, Australia

Owner and Director of Finance, Restaurant Profits

Janine has a lot of insight and she is full of inspiring life experiences. I always felt comfortable talking and opening up to her. I loved her way of interpreting and putting into words some of my deepest fears.
Samanta Saucedo

Biologist - PhD Aficionado - Melbourne Australia

Janine is compassionate, supportive, sweet and very professional. I felt like she was holding my hand every step of the way, cheering me on, and also respecting me and my memories. I felt safe and willing to really look at was going on.

Feng Shui Coach, Sydney, Feel Good Group

Janine really made me feel at ease and her ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly and with humour made the whole process enlightening, deep and fun all in the one.
Ann Bridges

Birth Educator - Sydney Australia, Energy Flow HypnoBirthing

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“I imagine a world where people wake up every day knowing they belong, they are accepted and they are loved for who they are. They feel fulfilled as they contribute their creativity and voice to a world that is loving, connected and fun.”