Happy Client Testimonials

I’d paid so much money for therapy and was still anxious and unhappy…. then I found Janine

When I first reached out to Janine I emailed her “help me’ I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I am stuck”.
Thankfully for me, I had a session where something mysterious called ‘tapping’ was brought up. I thought it was all too out there for me.
But something clicked and I thought I would give it a go. I did tell her though that I have paid a lot of money in therapy and I am still unhappy.
Thank goodness I did. After looking at the notes – I thought “wow, things have shifted”.
In our early sessions, I was feeling extremely insecure and anxious. These were some of the things coming out of my mouth:   “Loser.  Fat.  Ugly.  There must be something wrong with me. I’ll never get a man, I’m a failure and a disappointment.”  I was completely bored, undervalued and unfulfilled at work, confident I would never find a man despite a deep yearning for one, and even my passion for my new sport was tempered with a lack of confidence in my capability.
After working with Janine, I was so surprised to see how far I had come when I looked back at the notes of our journey.  I now feel attractive, valuable, safe, secure, loving and warm, authentic and kind (and yes, I still have some vulnerable moments too – I’m human).  I’m noticing men are paying me attention and I’m enjoying it! I’ve created exciting new work opportunities where I’m valuing my offerings and running my own race, and I’m at home with my progress in my sport.  After one of our sessions my blood pressure, went down from 200/40 to 164/40!
I have made peace with where I was and now am looking confidently to the future. I believe so much in tapping and re-imprinting I have referred people to Janine.
Janine has a wonderful warm energy. One that you feel completely at ease with and end up telling all your secrets. I feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin.
I am flawed but still loveable.
Thank you Janine I wouldn’t be the person I am now without you.
A happy woman in my early 40's - Sydney

The work we did together made a big difference in my life (work, family relationship and money)

I’m so thankful for doing the 3 month program with Janine. Never have I felt so deeply listened to, with compassion, non-judgment, humour and support. Janine is so passionate about helping and truly holds space. We worked on many different issues and managed to create some wonderful shifts around my relationship with my father, my relationship with money and my sense of self worth to name a few. I came to Janine after having done lots of talk therapy and work on my own, which although helpful, wasn’t enough to take it to the next level. I had a fair amount of awareness but didn’t know what to do in order to take it from the intellectual knowing to actual embodied change. Janine helped me with this and it feels great knowing that I can return to her for any support I might need in the future. For now though, I feel stronger and much more grounded, the work we did together has made such a big difference in many areas of my life. Huge thank you Janine!
E, Amsterdam

Yoga Therapist

I am frankly astounded that a two hour session has made such a difference to how I feel (sexual abuse)

“I came to Janine for help dealing with the lingering mental after-effects of being raped many years previously. After giving me some guided learning to do in my own time, finding out about tapping and how it works, Janine took me through the process in an in-depth video call session. I was a bit fearful of tackling the memory, but Janine helped me deal with it in a way that was cathartic and ultimately positive. I’m frankly astounded that a 2 hour session has made such a difference to how I feel. I really wish I had done this sooner, and will definitely continue to use tapping to work on other problem areas in my life.
Janine worked with me with kindness, patience, understanding and humour, and I heartily recommend working with her. I felt supported and cared for throughout the session.”
K, Scotland

From Panic Attacks – to feeling safe and secure inside. My heart rate has gone down … permanently!

I was having panic attacks. My resting heart rate was around the 70 mark, and spiking up around 120 bpm during an attack, which was happening regularly.

I had a lot of fearful thoughts, about becoming homeless again, bills/debt collectors coming to my door, or being taken advantage of by business partners. I was not sleeping well at all. All at a time when I had a warm, secure home, a loving partner, relative financial security and creative work, business partners and promising projects on the board. I was clearly doing this to myself!

The week after our session I noticed my heart rate had dropped by about 10, and had been hovering around 60, instead of 70. Five months later as I share this update, I have not seen my heart rate go above 75, and it continues to hover around the 60 mark.


So many things changed after working with Janine.

I’ve stopped blaming everything outside of me. That’s huge. I realise, that I choose. It’s all my choice, and the empowerment from that shift is incredible. It feels like a whole other world than the old world of need and lack.

I choose now. I trust my instincts and stop blaming the world and myself for so many things.

Why Janine?
Janine, was like a beacon there showing me I was on the right track.

I was kind of lost in this big ocean, swimming yet finding no direction, no shore in sight, but there she was! I came inside your light for a moment, took rest, took my time.

A beacon doesn’t push you in any particular direction, it just gives you some light to see what you need, how to rely on your own strength and to discover your own right direction.

Janine has this amazing presence, that is both neutral and sensitive. She does not judge at all.

My biggest insight?
You can only find a place in the world if you can find a (secure) place in yourself – if you don’t you will always be vulnerable. When you are secure, you are able to support yourself as a person.

My happiest take-away
I feel so full of possibility again. Like I’ve returned to my natural state. I’m inspired to share my greatest gift and purpose in this world which is my art and my creativity.

Last word about Janine?
What you get back from Janine is your true self…….

And now, for the longer story for those of you who are curious….

I had previously been stabbed in the back (literally) and was constantly looking over my shoulder
I realised I had been living by a belief and constant fear, that I would be stabbed in the back, both literally, and metaphorically, by friends and business partners. I was carrying a lot of emotion about being conned in a previous successful business endeavour, and I was also, literally stabbed in the neck from behind, about 27 years ago, by a crazy old man living in my building. It was a bread knife, 30cm long, and missed my lungs by only 3mm. I was very lucky to survive.

You could say, I had some pretty good evidence to prove that my fear was real, present and proven! I had been feeling the threat and my vulnerability well before those events, during, and right up until the session. An ever-present fear that someone might ‘stab me in the back’, in business relationships or friendships.

I realised I was constantly ‘looking over my shoulder’ in my life. I felt like the world was ‘living me’. That external powers were too strong and that I was unsafe. This fear of external forces and ‘not being able’ was a perfect recipe for producing my fear and panic attacks.

Even the scar from the stabbing wound would physically ache or itch when I was feeling vulnerable.

During the session, things I hadn’t realised surfaced and I saw many connections. We cleared all of that past emotion, fear, and that identity of myself that I held, and I got to see everything completely differently. The pain went away and I could see those old events from a completely different place.

I see now that I used to feel like I could not plant my creative energy in to the world. Ninety percent of my creativity happened behind closed doors and that was all fine, yet when I had to show it to the world, the last 10% of the process of ‘planting’ it out there, I would crumble and all of those fears of being taken advantage of would surface and projects would not come to fruition or would crumble with disappointment as my suspicions were repeatedly confirmed.

Since the session, my current business partnership has become harmonious, accepting and generous of spirit. I stop and relate to where people are coming from, acknowledge their own experience, and work with them from that place, rather than feeling they are out to get me or screw me over.

The way I respond to potential business calls is different. I’m not suspicious of the others’ motives anymore, which means I am open to possibilities of partnerships going somewhere!!! I literally step in to the conversation … “I’m here, what do you need and what can we do together?”. One of my inventions is now in the process of being taken up by a major supermarket chain here in the Netherlands. Im out there planting my creativity and loving it. So much possibility has opened up.

Physically, my ‘back-stabbing’ scar no longer itches or aches in stressful situations where I used to feel vulnerable. I hardly ever feel it anymore! And I don’t feel vulnerable anymore.

My relationship and moving from insecure to secure
What surprised me and I did not expect this, working with Janine, I realised a lot of old emotion about my Mum and her passing surfaced. I didn’t realise how much I had blamed myself and was feeling guilty for it, when she left the world. When I let that go, for the first time in so long, I felt so much space inside, unburdened, and I could see her for who she truly was. I feel so much closer to her inside now. I feel my genetic heritage. I feel this love and security inside.

I used to be attracted to needy people, because they were more likely to give me what I needed for my own insecurity! And then I could just as easily turn around and judge them and keep my distance, because of their neediness. It’s an interesting reflection!

My relationship with my beautiful partner and soul mate, has shown me how insecure I used to be and how I feel the shift inside to feeling secure now. I used to push her to share her feelings, out of care for her, yes, but a lot of it was motivated to allay my own fears that it may have been something to do with me and I might have done something wrong.

After the session I lost that insecurity. My interactions with people have changed. My self-serving part has been taken out of the equation. I realise, it doesn’t matter if people love or like me a lot, or want to be with me or not. I’m just me! I don’t need to be liked or loved, but when it happens it’s so much more rewarding because I don’t need it anymore!

I realise I’m not crazy and I’m on the right track, and Janine helped me acknowledge it.

The whole thing came together. Everything started landing.

Wouter - Amsterdam

Designer and Inventor

I am now empowered to stand up for myself and what I want.  It’s amazing how much my relationship has shifted, and I’m creating what I want inside of it.

When I did my first tapping session with Janine she was so easy to chat to and made me feel comfortable straight away and during the processes. It was quite different to anything I had done before, and it was great to shift some big stories, feelings/emotions I had around different events from my past. I got to see them in a new light and change my point of view and emotions I had around those events. I really got to dig deeper than I had ever dug before around these events and change how I felt about them.

I forgave myself and others and changed my point of view to being grateful and seeing lessons I learnt from the different events rather than coming from a victim place. I also got to see that I make choices every day and these past events now shape how I deal with situations now so in order for me to have a great life now, I have to heal my past and myself.

My relationship with my husband has changed substantially. I got to see that I was letting my relationship with my dad and parents affect my own relationship now and how it wasn’t serving me.  By addressing old events I got to see a new way to handle my relationship now.  I am now empowered to stand up for myself and what I want.  It’s amazing how much my relationship has shifted, and I’m creating what I want inside of it.

I loved working with Janine and would recommend anyone to do the tapping sessions with her because since I did the sessions with her I am a stronger and more powerful person and I choose to look at situations and events with a different point of view.

I also use some of the wonderful tools she has given me to work through moments of stress etc and they help centre and calm me. If you want to move forward in your life, contact Janine and do some sessions with her, she is amazing!

Anita - Queensland, Australia

From feeling like a failure with debilitating social anxiety, to feeling confident, loving towards myself and believing in myself

Working with Janine through her Love Yourself programme, I’ve stopped seeing myself as a failure, as someone with no skills, no future and no hope.  I realise that I was thinking in a negative way and needed to change that. I know I just have to learn a whole bunch of new skills that will come through new positive experiences, which I’m embracing now.  I just applied for a volunteer counsellor role – I would NEVER have done that before the work we did together!

I finally really understand that my present day problems stem from beliefs formed by my past experiences.

I’ve become positive, happier, optimistic, I have self belief and I’ve started going into situations I’ve avoided for years and it’s good.

I’ve  become calmer, less judgemental  and more tolerant of others when they freak out. I understand they’re acting out the  programmes they have  and it’s their problem not mine. I don’t take it personally anymore.

A monk from my daughter’s old school recently came to visit. Once back home he messaged her  and told her she lived in a happy home. I cried so much. Partly because I was aware of how much progress I’d made letting anyone come to visit, especially a monk and partly because I’ve been so absorbed in working on myself, that I hadn’t even noticed how much improvement had occured.  At that point it really hit me that I am on the right track doing the right things and it’s all starting to work out.

Janine, I really enjoyed working with you because I found you to be outgoing, easy going, friendly, intelligent, understanding  and supportive.  You’re professional and go the extra mile. Thanks to your wisdom you could see the bigger picture and help me connect the dots. You were encouraging but never too pushy – that would have sent me running for the hills. You are worldly and that enhances your ability to understand, connect and help people. You always seemed to say just the thing I needed to hear to help me change my viewpoint. You gave me the courage to embrace the challenges and appreciate the little steps of progress I made along the way. You have a positive energy that made me think, ‘that’s how I want to be, so  I’ve gotta stop moping around.’   I really can say I love myself now.  I could not have said that before we worked together.  Thank you so much. 

Dawn - East Midlands, UK

I got unstuck and re-focussed in my business thanks to healing the emotion of my mum’s passing

I went to Janine because I was feeling stuck and lacking in focus in my business. I was doubting myself, I had fear around working with new clients, and just not enjoying myself.

I had no idea until I began working with Janine that actually, I was carrying a lot of guilt and sadness round my Mum’s passing a year and a half earlier. I still could not talk about her without feeling upset and shedding some tears. This was surprising to me because I have done so much work on myself over the years, and I was very complete with my Mum when she died. We had a sweet and loving relationship and I was blessed to be able to spend time with her in the UK, and be with her in the months leading up to her passing.

Working with Janine I was surprised at the depth of emotion that was still present and she gently, lovingly and expertly guided me through a process where I could honour the emotion, process it and let it go.

In doing this I found a very healing and empowering perspective. Now when I remember my Mum, instead of focusing on my guilty feelings and her final days (and judging myself for being emotional about it), the first thing that comes to mind is her happy on my deck at home, smiling and full of life.

I hadn’t realised how much this stuck emotion was showing up everywhere in my life, especially in my energy for the business. I now feel so much lighter, clearer, brighter, focussed and inspired again. Thank you so much Janine.

Bev Tinker - Central Coast, Australia

Owner and Director of Finance, Restaurant Profits

I healed from the devastation of an emotionally abusive relationship and regained my confidence in many areas of my life

I connected with Janine after a five years of unsuccessfully overcoming a ten year relationship, with a man I consider to be a psychopath.  I had very little help or understanding from people about what had happened to me.  I could not find peace.

I told Janine about my challenges and the way my life had been since I was “free” of the relationship.  Whilst I had lost everything, I had totally rebuilt my professional and personal life back from nothing.  However, I suffered from depression, low confidence, sudden anxiety attacks, feeling tearful and my story had become the centre of my life.  I was not functioning anymore.

Janine started the Faster EFT tapping sessions with me, I was open to any possible help, but had no idea how it works or what to expect… I think I was a hard nut to crack!!  However, I’m glad I hung in there because it’s like Janine literally “tapped the sh#t out of me!”.

While counselling and reading many many self-help and spiritual books hadn’t helped me, after the first session I felt a shift within.  Some sessions where harder, some easier in terms of releasing whatever was/is stuck inside of me and I was able to see past experiences (way back from childhood) in a new light.  After a day or so after a session, I could start to see and feel changes within me, like a heavy burden lifted.  I regained confidence, felt less sad and I have been very stable emotionally since.  My anxiety has been reduced drastically and even when a situation triggers anxiety in me, it is now much easier to manage.  I know my journey of healing my PTSD still needs some work, but with Janine’s sessions I am in a so much better place then I ever imagined.

Apart from the Faster EFT sessions, I also got coaching from Janine, which was a perfect complement to the whole process. While feeling better, getting support on business and relationship issues in a very practical way was a very holistic lifesaving process.  I cannot recommend Janine highly enough.  Whilst  dealing with really sad and serious problems, I must say the journey was eye opening, deep, yet also really funny.

Thank you for being such an angel coming into my life.

Much love from a human butterfly.

 (I prefer to stay anonymous).

A happy client - UK

I found relief from the guilt of my car accident

I was very emotional and felt so guilty about a car accident I had, where I fell asleep at the wheel whilst towing a caravan and ran off the road.  Our caravan was a write-off and my husband and I were very shaken up.  I just could not get the story out of my head.   After just one session of tapping with Janine, it was gone. I could still re-tell the story, but I felt free of it.  I felt such relief.  It was amazing.  Thank you Janine.

Leslye Thies - Heathcote Australia

Self Employed Business Owner, Emeu Inn Guest House

Positive change with my money, relationships and self-esteem

Am so grateful to have met Janine. In just a few sessions we were able to work through a lot of different issues that had been holding me back for years! Truly an amazing experience that brought about a lot of positive change in my life, from my negative relationship with money to my father issues to self-esteem. Thank you Janine for helping me heal.  🙂

Guru Khalsa-Smit - Amsterdam

Home caretaker and cook

I made peace with God and the Universe

I worked with Janine because I wanted moving forward with my body image and my business.  I realised during the session that I had beliefs supporting my need to punish myself and stopping me from going to the gym and doing my website.

I guess I was an adept of “you made your bed, now lie in it” with a little twist which was “stay there forever because you deserve it” (I made the mistake in the first place).  I also used to punish others, those I thought made the bed with me (they also deserved to be punished forever)….

On one hand, I felt empowered because I was the one taking the decision to stay “in that bed” (even though it was very painful).  And, on the other hand, I felt that God was angry or at least disappointed at me so I deserved to be punished even more…

Well, obviously I wasn’t getting anywhere!

In our session, I went everywhere and nowhere but Janine found the golden nuggets! Thank to Janine’s persistance and patience, I was able to shift those beliefs!

I now know that I don’t have to punish me (make amends) before moving on and changing. Also, the Universe/God is now a supporting, loving, non judgemental force in my life. He is very happy no matter what — I do or I don’t.

After our first session I got the courage to go to the gym and ‘be seen’ in my body, just the way it was!  I also uncovered an area of my life I hadn’t realised I wanted to make a priority, which is to move country.  The energy and enthusiasm I had after these sessions I got so much done in preparation, and I’m continuing my progress with further sessions.  The next thing now is my website!

Thank you very much Janine for your loving support and help!  I can’t wait to work with you again.

Carole Bodineau - Paris France

FasterEFT Practitioner

I feel great about my body

I came to Janine with a deep sense of sadness around my body. I just felt like it was working against me and nothing I ever did (diets, exercise etc.) made a difference.

Janine guided me through the FasterEFT process, and together we discovered several layers of issues from my childhood and in relation to my mother that was playing into this.

Janine helped me go into these feelings and memories and release them, simply take the pain out of the equation. It was magical!

I now love my body and have a completely different outlook on eating and exercising. I can go back to those memories and not experience the pain anymore. I have a sense of freedom I’ve never experienced before.

As a result I’m feeling confident and happy to be me. This is the best feeling ever!

Janine is compassionate, supportive, sweet and very professional. I felt like she was holding my hand every step of the way, cheering me on, and also respecting me and my memories. I felt safe and willing to really look at was going on.

I can highly recommend working with Janine in letting go of anything that is holding you back, even if you don’t know what it is, she can help you pin it down and change it!

Sara Allard - Sydney Australia

Director and Chief Consultant, Feel Good Group

My life will never be the same

Janine, you have such a beautiful, strong compassionate way about you.  Your coaching allowed me to go deep within myself and I know my life will never be the same.  Thank you with all my heart and soul.

Evelyn Dutton - Saskat Chewan, Canada

I healed the trauma of sexual abuse and transformed feeling vulnerable and unprotected in my life, to feeling light, safe and free

I was sexually abused when I was 17 and it amazes me that I can now reflect on the event with NO painful emotion.  When Janine and I first discussed this event, there was no way I could go anywhere near that event in my mind without being substantially traumatised by it. It was a no-go zone for me, which meant that all of that pain and trauma was buried alive inside of me (for over 23 years).  Even more importantly, it was showing up in my life and my parenting through my excessive feelings of vulnerability and feeling unprotected, and thereby being overly protective and anxious about my young sons.

Working with Janine, we safely and without re-living the painful emotion, in just one session were able to take me to the point where I could step through the entire memory of that awful event, and no longer feel any emotion. In fact by the end, I knew it happened, yet, it no longer felt like it was me in the memory.

Then we came up with a new version of the event, where all I did was leave the party with a cute young man, kiss him, and then happily return to my friends (who were waiting for me with beer and big smiles!).

That’s what I think of now when I reflect on that ‘party event’. It feels unbelievably better, I feel so much lighter, safe and free. I still can’t quite believe it.  The flow on effect is that I now feel so much more relaxed and in the flow with my children and allowing them to just ‘be’.

Anonymous - Sydney, Australia

Janine is one of the few select individuals worldwide that I have chosen to personally train in my specialised methods of coaching.  Janine is a remarkable and compassionate Soul Coach.  She creates a safe and nurturing environment for discovering your soul’s truth.

Denise Linn - Paso Robles, California

Founder - International Institute of Soul Coaching, Soul Coaching International Training Institute

I healed the sadness of my Grandfather’s passing and now I remember him with joy and honour

I had really hard time realising my grandfather is dead and could not come to peace with this fact. I felt so tired after the session because I got rid of the burden. Thinking about my grandfather gives me joy now, not sadness. Knowing and being related to him is the biggest honour!

Janine, I definitely recommend that people work with you! You helped me so much, I am not sure I will ever be able to repay you for it <3.

Tamara - Netherlands

After many years I could get back on the London Underground tube trains without having panic attacks

I could not get on crowded tube trains without panic attacks, sweating, and symptoms that on at least two occasions had seen me hospitalised.  I had suffered from a mild case of PTSD since around 1990, after serving for 13 years in the Special Forces and Intelligence Services.  Unfortunately I had a car crash in 2006 in which I had to be cut out of the vehicle. This brought on symptoms of claustrophobia and panic attacks, for which I had cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) wth a psychologist.  Whilst this helped, it did not cure my anxiety attacks.

One evening whilst chatting with Janine, she suggested her coaching and EFT tapping as an alternative to my defensive techniques to get onto trains etc.  Janine persisted with me until I gave in and sat and did a session. I am not a dipsy hippy type so this alternative nonsense, does not sit well with me, but I trusted Janine.

Janine quickly got to the crux of the problem and dealt with the symptoms and the cause all at once.  We uncovered during the session, that the claustrophobia actually related back to very traumatic combat memories when I was age 20.  She helped me make peace with all of the complex and multiple emotions related to that (and other related) incidents, so that it no longer held any negative emotion.  I can still reflect on the event, and I no longer have the pain attached to it.  All of this in just two hours.

The upshot of this?  Two days later I got on a London Underground train without even thinking twice about it, and have continued to do so for over a year and a half.

I cannot recommend Janine enough as a practitioner, she has certainly changed my life for the better.

Kevin Sweeney - London UK

Sales Director

I made peace with a memory of my Dad

I let go of being attached to what I thought my father felt about me, therefore making peace with what was really only a throw away line that I had held onto and felt bad about for so many years.

Janine really made me feel at ease and her ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly and with humour made the whole process enlightening, deep and fun all in the one.

Ann Bridges - Sydney Australia

Birth Educator, EnergyFlow Hypnobirthing

I got my life back – from blocked and depressed to going forth and living my life

I have had too many benefits to mention them all.

Before participating in the ten week soul coaching program and a personal breakthrough session with Janine, I was feeling blocked in my job without permanency, a little lost and depressed and in particular, wanting to create a relationship so I could have children.  My body clock was ticking.

I was amazed at the insights and realisations I had as the time unfolded.   With the expert guidance and insight of Janine, we picked up on things I had not thought of previously and it helped me process what came up during the course.

I have shared with many of my friends how I got my life back.

I am no longer lost, blocked or depressed (not that anyone new I felt like that).  I am going to live my life how I want it.  Not wait for someone.  Just live!  Not let my life pass me by waiting for someone to do the things I want to do.  Go forth and build that house in the bush! (Note: a year later she actually did!).

My job is currently being advertised – right when I am ready for it! (Update:  just months later Tirriki won the permanent role).

I highly recommend anyone to participate in any kind of coaching offered by Janine to better themselves and their lives.

Tirriki Sands - Tasmania, Australia

Customer Support Officer

A turning point in my life

I was immediately drawn to your joyful fun loving nature.  Our session together was so profound, taking me to a depth within myself I’ve never experienced before.  Truly a turning point in my life.  Please, please use me as a reference, you are a brilliant life coach.

Gloria Robbins - Oregon, USA

Business Owner

I was burned out and wanting my inspiration back for my photography business

When I first meet Janine I wanted to work on getting my photographic business up and running again after moving from Queensland to Victoria.  I felt I was burnt out and had no energy to put into anything and needed inspiration and focus.

I started taking photos again after the first session (I hadn’t taken a photo for the fun of it in months).  I also realised I wanted to start running workshops and even coach people with their cameras one-on-one!  After about three coaching session with Janine I felt I was on the right track.  I soon realized my mind set has a lot to do with how I approach things which comes from my childhood learning.

After doing the EFT, I was able to see my blocks and within a few sessions around feeling comfortable with charging money and valuing my own time and energy, and was able to move forward to get things flowing again.  It gave me focus and understanding on where I wanted to head.

Sue Wellwood - Melbourne Australia

Owner and Creative Director, Wellwood Photographics

After years of procrastination I got moving on my PhD

I had a blockage for years on the writing process of my PhD thesis.  After a tapping session I was able to sit down and work on it.  One session was all it took for me to sit and give my first step after years of being TERRIFIED!.  Now I have gone back to Uni to talk to my supervisors and administrative staff to work out the way in which I can complete this important phase in my life. Janine has a lot of insight and she is full of inspiring life experiences.  I always felt comfortable talking and opening up to her.  I loved her way of interpreting and putting into words some of my deepest fears.

Samanta Saucedo - Melbourne Australia

PhD Student

You brought the joy I had been looking for my whole life

Thank you very much for your wonderful sessions.  They deeply healed me and also brought the joy I had been looking for my whole life.

Coming all the way from Brazil to meet you was one of the best things that happened in my life.

You are an amazing healer!

(Now based in LA, CA)

Alessandra Dipra - Porto Alegre, Brazil

CEO and Founder, Instituto DIPRA

These insights have truly changed the way I live

The coaching process was thought provoking, beautiful, and delivered with sensitivity, skill and wisdom by Janine.  I received several remarkable insights into myself and my life at a time when I thought I knew myself very well.  These insights have truly changed the way I live in a subtle and very positive way.  I would recommed this program to anyone prepared to take a small amount of time to listen to themselves, learn about themselves, feel gratitude and happily accept themselves for who they are.  Thank you Janine.

Michele Durbin - Tasmania, Australia

Accounting and Business Director, Finite Elements - Advanced Engineering and Simulation

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