You have taken the leap and decided to work with me!  Here’s how to prepare for the session:

1 – Schedule the appointment.  If we have not already, please use the scheduler to set up an appointment time.

2 – New Client Intake.  Please complete the form below.

3 – Express your appreciation (pay :)).  An invoice will be sent to you separately via WaveApps when I have your Intake form information.

4 – Watch the preparation videos – This step is essential BEFORE our first session, to ensure we get the most from our time together.

5 – Prepare yourPeace List‘ – This is a list of memories, or other ways of knowing inside, that something in your past still bothers you, in the problem area that you are seeing me for.   You don’t need to write long explanations, just a dot-point that represents the memory but doesn’t get you back in to it.  Bring it along to our first session, and we will start addressing the memories.  You will also use this list for your own work at home.

I’m looking forward to working with you.

With love,


PS You will find all of these elements with explanations as you scroll down the page.

Schedule your Session

Pre-Program Preparation

These videos are from my fellow practitioners, Odille and Steve.  They have done a fantastic job of distilling the process and approach of FasterEFT and how we ‘do’ problems in our own mind, in to these fantastic videos.

This is the best way to prepare for our first session, so you come ready with new learning, tools, and some practice, which means we can dive straight in to the work together and make the most of our one on one time.

As always if you have any questions please ask. xx