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Working through a specialised program is optimal for best results

In order that we can really get the most out of working together, I work with you for a minimum of three months (six double sessions plus other program materials).  This work is deep and permanent, and often very fast!  It is important to work together with enough time to integrate the work fully, and find and transform all aspects of the problem you are looking to transform..

Shift Program

(Three months)

Shift gears in more than one area of your life and take the opportunity to explore, clear and create powerful possibilities.

or go for it with my …..

Love Yourself Program

(Three months)

My Signature Love Yourself Program

Groove Package

(Six months)

Spring clean everything right back to your core self.  The connection you have with the support, accountability, big picture and mindset shifts over time means you can really see the progress you’ve made and start making those long-held desires of yours, a reality.

Staying Tuned-up Package

(Ten sessions over a year)

For those of you who are back in your groove, monthly sessions allow you to stay tuned up and continue to grow in to the life you love.  As you grow and expand, there will be things that ‘pop-up’ to surprise you and excite you (because now you know you can shift them), and enjoy the continuing process of taking control and creating a loving, positive internal word for yourself.

Included in each program is
  • Written session summaries for you to review – on a shared Google Doc.
  • Access to the client area of my website for tools to support you in between sessions
  • Homework exercises to further your progress in between sessions
  • Feedback and reflection exercises
  • Email contact with me as I hold the space for your during the program.

Need a top-up?  Have you done this work before?

Talk to me about a one-off session, or series of sessions.

In-person or via Skype

I do the majority of my sessions via Skype as my clients are all over the world.  Just make sure you have a good internet connection and somewhere private.  These can often be better than in-person sessions as you are in the comfort of your own space.

In-person sessions are also wonderful as they are time just for you out of your regular environment and take place in our beautiful apartment in the centre of Amsterdam.

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