Some of my favourite links




Robert Smith’s Faster EFT Website.  The creator of Faster EFT.

Robert Smith’s Youtube Channel ‘Healing Magic’.  Over 1000 videos, teaching this powerful technique, explaining the belief system, showing real world examples with people, and hearing transformation stories by people who have healed.

isa Experience.  Life changing personal growth seminar.  I did this when I was 27 years old, and it totally changed my world view, the view of myself and my life!  The community continues to be a huge inspiration and support in my life, and it is a wonderful weekend full of experiences and information that taught me what it was to truly be responsible.  Unlike hypnosis and tapping, where we work within our deeper sub conscious world, this very real and tangible set of exercises and interactions gave me an amazing set of tools for communication and being in charge of my life.  They run in the USA, Australia and the UK.

Dressing Your Truth by Carol Tuttle.  This is a wonderful program that works from the outside in.  Who knew that your individual energy type could be reflected in how you dress?  That understanding how you express one of the four energy types (earth, fire, air and water), you could dress in away that brings you in to alignment and creates quite profound healing by being able to step in to the world as your true self.  Very interesting, enlightening and fun.

Favourite Books

Attached (everything you need to know about why your relationship isn’t working)

This book was a revelation on every page for not only my own relationship, but also as a tool for understanding all the relationships of my clients and friends, why the are strong or having troubles…. and what to do about it.

FasterEFT: A Beginners Handbook

A short and easy introduction to the primary techniques of FasterEFT.  Written by my friend and mentor, Pam Wright at

The Secret Language of Your Body

This book is a way of honing in on potential causes/associations between emotional and mental processes with physical manifestations.

Reinventing Your Life

This is a very helpful book written to help understand deep and fundamental ‘life traps’, or maladaptive schema.  Written from a psychology perspective, with all of the rigour and research that accompanies it, this book has mapped out the many underlying experiences, beliefs and world views that we are often addressing in Faster EFT, that were formed in early childhood.

If I Can Forgive So Can You

This book was written by my teacher, Denise Linn.  In this book, Denise tells her personal story, and really does demonstrate the power of forgiveness, and that even in the most ugly, unfathomable and heart breaking of circumstances, there is a path to forgive and to heal.  Denise also guided me through the most magical Soul Coach training for delivering her powerful 28 day program.

What Colour Is Your Parachute?

This bestseller is considered the number one manual for finding your right livelihood, whether an enforced career change or a desire for something more, this is a wonderful place to start in discovering your true talents and gifts, your mission, and very practical guide for going out there and making it happen.

Refuse to Choose (for those people who have too many interests and don’t want to just pick one)

I love Barbara Sher.  Having the blessed opportunity to work with her personally, a few years after finding this book, I am still a huge fan a decade on.  This book leapt off an airport bookshop shelf at me when needing some reading for an upcoming flight.  I inhaled the book, finding it so deeply comforting and affirming that there was nothing wrong with me for not having stuck with one thing for long and having so many passions and interests.  This amazing woman supported me to see that I can have many talents and careers and I don’t have to choose one.  Which brings me to her next book published only a couple of months ago….

20 Great Careers for Multitalented people (additional resource to Refuse to Choose)

Still on the topic of career, This is a fantastic book for stimulating ideas for new careers if you like to mix it up and express many varied talents.

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What I’m reading now (I like having lots of books on the go at once!)

“Kondo-ing” your home has become a verb!  It really is life changing!!! Who knew, folding could be so deeply satisfying!  “Only keep the things in your life that give you joy”.  A great metaphor for everything really.  I have done my wardrobe … now for the rest of the apartment.

Writing Down Your Soul

Whilst you could go and consult the next guru, or inhale more self help or personal growth resources, looking for answers, this book invites you to connect with your own inner knowing through writing.  IT’s a very nurturing read and the practice of writing, after many years absent from it, has reminded me how nourishing it is to do.  I see that it allows space for processing those old stories that still hold an emotional charge, and space to assist to process it and find new perspectives.  Just like tapping/emotional re-imprinting!