To your next adventure.  Here’s how to prepare for the program:

1 – Schedule the appointment.  If we have not already, please use the scheduler to set up an appointment time.

2 – Complete the Intake Discovery.  You’ll find the form below.

3 – Express your appreciation (pay :)).  An invoice will be sent to you separately via WaveApps.

4 – Start reading the Manifestation Wheel by Alan Seale (you will find an summarised overview of ‘The Wheel’ here.

5 – Procure a beautiful journal for the writing of insights, aha’s, visions, intuitions, and practical steps along the journey and a pen you love to write with … and some colours… textas or pencils.

6 – Bring your commitment to the fulfilment of your wildest potential, and to building your capaciites for intuition and leading your life from this place.

Heres to becoming master manifestors.  I can’t wait to create together.

With love,


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