An example

After many years I could get back on the London Underground tube trains without having panic attacks

I could not get on crowded tube trains without panic attacks, sweating, and symptoms that on at least two occasions had seen me hospitalised.  I had suffered from a mild case of PTSD since around 1990, after serving for 13 years in the Special Forces and Intelligence Services.  Unfortunately I had a car crash in 2006 in which I had to be cut out of the vehicle. This brought on symptoms of claustrophobia and panic attacks, for which I had cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) wth a psychologist.  Whilst this helped, it did not cure my anxiety attacks.

One evening whilst chatting with Janine, she suggested her coaching and EFT tapping as an alternative to my defensive techniques to get onto trains etc.  Janine persisted with me until I gave in and sat and did a session. I am not a dipsy hippy type so this alternative nonsense, does not sit well with me, but I trusted Janine.

Janine quickly got to the crux of the problem and dealt with the symptoms and the cause all at once.  We uncovered during the session, that the claustrophobia actually related back to very traumatic combat memories when I was age 20.  She helped me make peace with all of the complex and multiple emotions related to that (and other related) incidents, so that it no longer held any negative emotion.  I can still reflect on the event, and I no longer have the pain attached to it.  All of this in just two hours.

The upshot of this?  Two days later I got on a London Underground train without even thinking twice about it, and have continued to do so for over a year and a half.

I cannot recommend Janine enough as a practitioner, she has certainly changed my life for the better.

Kevin Sweeney - London UK

Sales Director